“Something’s Missing…”

02.01.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

Truth be told, I’m still waiting on the day the “powers that be” let Jeezy perform at the Grammy’s.

Last night I found myself watching more of the awards show than I intended. The Pro Bowl had not even the slightest hint of competition and The Cleveland Show only lasted 30 minutes, so yeah, CBS suckered me in. Not to be confused with an actual awards show critic, I’m not commenting on the quality of the show (David was right) or who had the best ensemble as they walked down the red carpet. I am, however, confused by the absence of two men who I (somewhat) expected to be there: Chris Brown and Kanye West.

Seeing as how Chris’s career took a nose dive this time last year, I shouldn’t have been surprised he didn’t grace the stage. But another MJ tribute with NO dancing? Trust me, I completely understand, appreciate and admire Jacko’s humanitarian effort to the world. But let’s not get it twisted, he was an ENTERTAINER before everything else. For as many people who claim BET did a horrible job honoring The King only 72 hours after his death, let’s not act as if The Grammys were hand over fist more superior. They had months to prepare and we receive were five superstars basically having karaoke on music’s biggest stage?

Again, not saying I didn’t appreciate it or they didn’t honor Mike well, but c’mon. Someone behind the scenes has to have the gall and say Chris Brown needs to run through a dance sequence. Say what you want to about the guy, but he is the only artist alive that can properly pay tribute to MJ in that manner. If nothing else, that equals ratings. And ratings, well, ratings equal money. Plus, it’s not like it would be the first time CB channeled his inner-MJ.

I’ll be the first to say when Kanye pulled the stunt “heard round the world,” I was pissed. It was classless and ignorant, but over time, I really just stopped caring about it. His showing at the VMA’s wasn’t going to force me to like his music any less, but it did seem to have a wonderful effect on Taylor Swift’s career. All that in mind, I find myself left with one pressing question: “Where are you, Yeezy?” You needed a break? Cool, perfectly understandable, but it’s near a time when music needs you to return. Tip is still enduring the last stretch of his sentence and Weezy is enjoying his last few days as a free man. While Drake looks poised, primed and ready to become a superstar and Jay and Eminem are on cruise control, the music world still needs Kanye West.

He’s entertaining and brings an additional “wow” factor with his attendance. Granted, sometimes the “wow” is great with his performances. Sometimes it’s bad, which we’ve all seen first hand. That’s a risk, in my opinion, you have to take. The Drake, Wayne and Eminem performance actually turned out the highlight of the evening. Censors and all. Now imagine if Kanye had been included and closed it out with the now legendary “Kanye shrug.”

I’m just saying someone needs give these two men the opportunity to be “great” again. The question is, who?

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