Why Do NFL Player’s Hate America?

04.22.13 5 years ago 32 Comments

What Ever Happened To Good Old Fashion Patriotism Anyways?




Folks last week, or “The WEAK To Remember” (I made that up,, lets get it viral),, was one of the most memorable and hopefully most forgetable in recent memory.

All across the nation people were lending a hand to those who may have been impacted in Boston, Mississppi, or a tiny town somewhere out in West Texas. Next week will have more then enough action to take our mind’s off it as NFL draft talk really heats up with all the big names in takes putting out there best mock drafts. But in the spirit of patriotism I can’t help but wonder why we dont see any more players like Caleb Campbell– former Detroit Lion’s late round draft pick who shunned the bright lights and four Gay players of the NFL in favor of volunteering for the Army and serving his country that paid his way through college.

That’s what I call a All-American

Huh, now isnt that something else,,imagine a world where former college players are so grateful to the NCAA for there free education that they go ahead and volunteer to work for free for 3 years for the company that did so much to help. Thatll be the day. Maybe Im just old fashioned.


You cant help but wonder what happened to people putting Country before themselves: We’ve gone from a nation of folks who lied about their age to go off and fight in Japan, into a nation who lie about there age to get on Mark Sanchezes swim team phone tree. You dont know whether to throw your hands up or cry folks.

But wheres the REAL Patriots in todays NFL? All we hear about is the supposed international track speed of RG Knee-number-3, and the world-class pistol shooting prowess of “Ballin” Kapernick.

With all this “world class” (yea right, Africans are so fast and say what you want about Kony but the man could hit a small target) speed and shooting skill,, why arent more NFL players putting God and Country at the forefront and pursuing a career representing the USA in the Olympics?

Kaepernick at the same time Manning bros are literally at Duke

I dont care how many millions your agent steals for you, the satisfaction youll get seeing your face on a box of Wheaties is worth all the money in the world if you “axe” me. It’s enough to make you wonder if they really love the Country that practicly gave them there fame or if they’re just a nother lone wolf like these guys you read about in Boston, Virginia Tech, etc. Im not saying theyd necessarily kill anyone unless they were forced to but come on, do we look stupid?

In conclusion, someone in RG-Me’s crew or College Tattooneck’s crew needs to grab them by the facemask and ask them which side theyre on anyways, U.S.,, or Them.

Maybe Im just old fashioned.

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