Why No Filipino Animators For Tebow?

03.22.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

We realize we’re running the risk of overdoing Tebow coverage, which is something we bemoan in others. After all, KSK hasn’t so much as made a peep about quasi-important-esque stories, like Alex Smith skulking back to San Francisco to take practically the same contract the team had on the table in the first place. Nor have we expressed dismay at the Texans for dealing an actual linebacker in DeMeco Ryans to the Eagles for a song. Stop that. Don’t help them. We’re hypocrites sometimes. What of it?

The truth is, anytime the slapdash Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation stray into our purview, we’re on it. There was little doubt that they would come through with a video on the Peyton-Tebow saga and they have delivered winningly.

Some highlights:

– Portraying Manning as a figure somewhere between stoner Bill Gates and Harry Potter. Maybe Pey-Pey signed with Gryffindor.
– Tebow transforming into an actual wildcat
– cube-headed question-mark face Jets players tormenting Nacho in the locker room
– Tebow freefalling into hell.

There are others. It is encouraged viewing.

What is decidedly not encouraged viewing is this clip from the Today Show talking Tebow this morning that I pulled mostly out of masochism and a desire to expose things that are the worst. This is how people who know nothing about football talk about Tebow. It’s supreme inanity. The hosts don’t even try to hide the disgust that any Jets fan would question or dare criticize the team bringing on the Runslinger. Al Roker even refers to Tebow as a “great quarterback”. GREAT! As in, possessing or displaying greatness! These are not labels to cast about willy-nilly, asshole. If you can make it all the way through this, you probably have the pain threshold of a supermarathoner or a woman who gave birth to a fully formed offensive lineman.

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