Will Brennan – “I Hate My Job”

01.20.14 4 years ago

I Hate My Job

Time moves painfully slow. Co-workers do nothing except provide reminders that some people are, in fact, idiots. The thought “this is what I got my degree for?” crosses your mind at least five or six times. The best part of the day is quitting time and hitting the bar for happy hour. Everything seems right after a day that was both equal parts boring and excruciating. Well, until you realize it’s only Monday and there’s still four more days left in the week. Consider yourself blessed and lucky if the following sentences or Will Brennan’s “I Hate My Job” fail to strike some sort of nerve.

Be on the look out for Brennan and DJ Burn One’s collaborative album due out later this year. Will also recently announced he’ll be joining Dom Kennedy and Skeme February 7 and 8 in Atlanta and Miami on Dom’s “Get Home Safely” tour.

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