Will Brennan – “RNR” (Burn One Screwmix)

08.06.13 4 years ago

will brennan dj burn one

Ever wonder how DJ Burn One would sound dabbling in electronic remixes? Here’s your answer.

By flipping Will Brennan’s “RNR” single completely on it’s head with extremely-low-end 808s and subtle melodies that stalk your ears from one headphone to the other, the ATL producer extraordinaire alters the previously-slamming soundscape just enough to set the tone for some precisely-placed and quite screwed-up vocal chops of Brennan from the original SKUFL-produced track. Burn’s version isn’t necessarily better – because that’s never been the point of screwed-up music – but this slow-motion version is definitely different in a good way and totally worth flexing your speakers on.

Oh, and apparently there may be more in the works for Burn One and Brennan, which would be welcomed. We’ll keep an eye peeled. You should too.

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