Will Ferrell Answered A Phone Call From A Journalist’s Mom During An Interview

05.23.13 4 years ago

Back before I knew better, a.k.a. before I was jaded, I used to believe that Regis Philbin’s “Phone a Friend” calls on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? were real. Contestant Ted’s best friend would be milling around the house, doing the dishes or taking out the garbage, when his phone would ring from an unknown number and, oh hey, Regis and tens of millions of viewers. That was obviously not the case, but over-the-phone celebrity spontaneity exists elsewhere, like when Will Ferrell picked up a phone call from a journalist’s mom during a press junket.

The clip comes from Lost In Reviews, via Reddit, and the best thing about it is how normal Ferrell is. He’s not trying to be funny; he’s just regular ol’ Will Ferrell, a multimillionaire talking to someone’s mom. Why can’t he ever call my mom? The only famous person she talks to over the phone is Chris Kattan. He’s so lonely, you guys.


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