Will People Ever Pay For Music Again?

05.19.10 7 years ago 32 Comments

Consumers sure do seem to make it hard for musicians and labels to turn a buck. And apparently it’s the Internet’s fault.

“Let’s see. They’ll still pay for Netflix, smartphones and endless apps, games, iPads, and Kindles. And, far more than five bucks for cable channels, most of which they’ll never watch. And, they’ll pay for broadband upstream, but music downstream must be free.

Sure, the cloud will save the music industry, except that everyone is already carrying thousands of pre-selected, ripped or swapped (and occasionally paid-for) songs with them at all times. Shuffling through playlists, tuning the world out with gigs of music. So, why do they need more?

And sure, they ‘pay for music’. Believe that and you’ll believe that they also ‘go to the show’. But online, rationalizations aren’t required, and music floweth for free – download, on-demand, whatever. To the point that consumers now expect it, they are entitled to gratis.”

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