Will South Korea Get “Diablo III”?

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Every country has something it’s irrationally touchy about. Americans dread boobies, because we’re all emotional five-year-olds. Europeans don’t want violence on their TV screens, because secretly they’re all French. And South Korea’s big taboo is gambling.

And, yes, that might bork “Diablo III”, or at least make its worldwide launch a lot less fun.

The problem is this: South Korea, being a bunch of insane Starcraft players, has a few gambling problems when it comes to its video games. Like, “pro players throwing matches” kind of gambling problems. So the South Korean board that approves video games took one look at “Diablo III”‘s “Auction House” and was, like, no. Blizzard is already keeping the “turn your in-game cash into real money” aspect out of the South Korean release, but they’re still dragging their feet over approving it.

So, the takeaway is: you might be able to get on the leaderboards for a few days before the entire country of South Korea beats you like a little girl!

[ via the board leaders at Kotaku ]

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