Will We See Three New Consoles at E3 2012?

Senior Contributor

We’re…a little skeptical of that, despite claims to the contrary. Let’s break out the odds.

Wii U: Absolutely

It’s been confirmed by Nintendo: we’ll see it at E3, and we can’t wait.

Next XBox: Likely

The XBox 360 was a step forward, but it wasn’t exactly an earth-shaking futuristic device. It still only has a DVD drive, for Pete’s sake. The system is aging and it’s highly unlikely Microsoft doesn’t have a replacement waiting in the wings. But it may not be entirely ready for prime-time. There may be an announcement at E3, but it’s unlikely there will be a playable console.

PlayStation 4: Nuh-Uh

Sony probably has one in development…but they’re in no rush to roll it out. Keep in mind the PS3 was designed to last ten years, not five, and that the machine itself hasn’t really been pushed that hard yet due to the requirements of cross-platform games having graphics a 360’s less complex architecture can handle. But just look at PS3 exclusives that make full use of the hardware, like “Infamous 2” or “Heavy Rain.” The PlayStation 3 has several years of life left in it, and Sony’s going to squeeze them for all they’re worth.

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