Willie The Kid – “The Guilt”

11.08.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

“The Guilt” is another leak from Willie The Kid’s upcoming The Cure 2 EP – the sequel to his 2010 tape. Usually, when I’m writing about WTK, I’m praising his style. The man’s a rap Sleepy Floyd – man, do I miss the NBA – hesitating and head-faking his way through tracks, moving to the beat of his own drummer. Plus, the production he chooses is consistently good – this cut is no exception, as he plucked a dusty, strings-and-drums flip from the Wu-Elements own Bronze Nazareth.

But this time, Willie’s doing a little storytelling. “The Guilt” is the tale of a kid, and his life. Nothing more, nothing less. Willie spits on this one with a cold, clear eye, going over the details with no back story. The news clips that bookend the track detach things further – he becomes just another murder, another night’s news. It’s that detachment, that separation from the events of the story, that lends the track its power.

Willie The Kid – “The Guilt” (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth)

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