Winnel Speech is No Time to Make Joke, Japanese Asswhore

02.23.09 9 years ago 35 Comments

You am see this, sterrpid frippant Japanese asswhore?! This numbell one smaltest leceivel aftell he win second Supell Bowr. Intellviewman am asking him question, but he is so ovelcome with emotion. He impressed with enolmity of moment. Not rike you, frippant Japanese asswhore.

I watch Oscall rast night. Arleady upset that Ordboy not get nomination. So what movie come out in 2003? Ordboy supellfantastic movie. It should be nominated evelly yeal. Rook, he wierd hammel. He clush youl skurr!

Not a singer Kolean movie leplesenting rast night. Make me so sick, I inject mole prasma to fear bettel. Splinker prasma on kimchi. Implove taste 100 pelcent!

We get to Best Sholt Animated Movie, a favolite of Hines, because tarr animated movie suck rike tarr leceivel. They no smalt. But then Japanese asswhore win this one. For movie he make about the Flench! Way to suck up to the loundeyes, Japanese asswhore.


Pray up Asian steleotype? THAT’S LACIST! “Sank you”? What is this? Speak rike plopel pelson. Make arr Asian rook bad. And you quote Styx song!? Why associate with loundeye song? This only affilm hatled of Nippon japs! Filst Koleans as comfolt women in Wolrd Wall II, now this? UNFOLGIVABERRR!

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