Wizards Beat The Heat: Fans Cheer For RG III Instead of Hoops Team

12.05.12 5 years ago 38 Comments

Via CJ Folger

Last night in a stunning upset, Washington fans cheered for a courtside Robert Griffin III just as their beloved Wizards doubled their wins for the season to reach a remarkable 2-13 record for the season.

After the game ended, the King himself came over to greet RG III ,who in in a pregame interview he called an, “unbelievable talent.”  No word if LeBron deigned himself to address the rest of the Washington sports royalty; Brian Orakpo, Trent Williams, Fred Davis, Santana Moss, Josh Morgan and Terrell Suggs among others. For his part, Griffin has said he would like to see James leave his Cowboys fandom behind and become a Washington supporter, apparently unaware dolphin attacks are on the rise and he should tread lightly here.

Tweets like the above are what make the internet, mobile technology and sports so great. When this was posted on my feed last night, I could share it with my dining companions and have a good laugh about how terrible it must be to be a Washington sports fans when you’re cheering for your .500 record quarterback (albeit a .500 quarterback who is going to rough up the rival Giants and Cowboys for years to come) over your .133 basketball team.

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