Don’t Dare Listen To WNDRKND’s “Deus” Alone

06.08.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

“I ain’t never thought of calling it quits
Got a notepad that’s falling to shit
A couple old bitches I ain’t called up in a bit
Who enthralled, or appalled, that the bars are the shit,
Stand in awe of the cribs, cars and the whip,
Met a couple quick n***s knowin all of them slip.”

There’s a time and place for everything. Because I’m kind of a baby and get bothered by scary movies, I don’t recommend watching them home, alone, at night. In the same light, I definitely don’t recommend tossing “Deus” on your iPhone if you find yourself walking anywhere, alone, at night. Unless, of course, you fancy checking every dark nook and cranny for hell-sent monstrosities looking to f*cking end your existence; if that’s the case, go nuts.

WNDRKND’s latest is that intense. Maybe we should have guessed that – “Balaclava” proved that the North Carolina rapper flirts with the grittier side of the spectrum over anything that can be dubbed commercial. And in this particular case, he hurdles right over “gritty”, falling into something damn-near sinister. Producer Ibn Inglor has a lot to do with that. His industrious beat is full of the kind of reverberating sound effects that really make you feel like you’re being stalked through an abandoned warehouse by Freddie Kruger.

But in no way, shape or form is this one man show. As is the case in any great song – and “Deus definitely is that – Inglor sets ’em up, and WNDRKND knocks ’em down. The cadence, the brags, the message of everything. Nothing about what KND is selling is stepped on.

Assuming this song isn’t actually triggering some apocalyptic end day, it should serve as an exciting primer for Golden Age Neoclassical, which is due soon.

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