Everybody Is Showing Wolf Blitzer Pictures Of Turtles For This Strange And Silly Reason

Web Culture Editor


You may have noticed, but the internet is not exactly fun anymore. Ever since our Cheetos-colored commander-in-chief clowned his way into the Oval Office (and during the time leading up), Twitter has devolved into a dumpster fire of partisan squabbling, trolls, Russians this and impeachment that — a place where it’s now perfectly ordinary to wake up and see that “Donald Trump is unintelligible” is top trending.

So in these troubling times, in the event something becomes a meme for just completely wholesome and funny reasons, we’ll take it. Enter Wolf Blizter, who posted a picture of a turtle on Facebook earlier this week with the most chill observation ever.

You know, Wolf is right — it is always nice to see a turtle! I mean who doesn’t like turtles? Turtles, tortoises, terrapins … they’re all great. (Well okay, the jury is still out on snapping turtles, maybe just don’t offer your hand to one like a sandwich though.)

At any rate, the pun-loving CNN host’s photo started to go viral, and people just want to give the man what he wants. Thus, the hashtag #ShowWolfATurtle was conceived, as the Internet has banded together to, well, show Wolf a turtle.

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