This Woman Couldn’t Even Jog A Few Years Ago, But Look At Her Now

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02.04.16 5 Comments

Sometimes a lifestyle change leads towards a path of total transformation. A few years ago, Angela Crickmore felt unhappy and unhealthy at size 18. She also felt “heavy and ashamed” at the thought of going to the gym. So, she started hour-long walks around the park — where her husband hung out in the car for the entirety of the workout. This could be seen as a sign of his devotion (he was, after all, concerned for her safety) but also evidence of differences in lifestyle and priority.

Crickmore revealed how she truly “wanted to jog, but because I was so fat I had to walk first.” Before too long, she reached her first goal. A year later, she felt confident enough to join a gym, and her life truly transformed for better or worse. Crickmore revealed to the Daily Mail how she and her husband grew apart once she started to prioritize fitness and eating healthy: “Being able to eat anything without gaining a pound, my husband and son Luy didn’t want to share my new eating habits, foods or even join the walks.” Crickmore wanted to go on hikes and travel, while her husband wanted to hang out in front of the television. Crickmore endorses the brutal truth of The Mail‘s sensationalist headline.

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