'Workaholics' Season 3 Premiere Live Discussion And Q&A With Jillian Bell And Erik Griffin

05.29.12 4 years ago • 369 Comments

Let’s get weird, shall we? Just as the devastation that is summer and the lack of scripted comedy on television was beginning to shatter our collective viewing, Season 3 of Workaholics rides in like a knight in a bear suit to save the day. So we’re ringing in the new season with a live conversation leading up to and during tonight’s premiere, including a Q&A segment with Montez himself — comedian Erik Griffin.

Erik will join us at 6:30PM EST/3:30PM PST to reply to questions and comments about the show, his career, tight buttholes, etc. Please direct all questions @Erik and he’ll get to as many as he can. In preparation we recommend everyone check out the Summer Tuesdays promo (hint: appropriate use of Bon Iver) and this Cinco de Mayo clip from “The Other Cubicle” (hint: Montez, Waymond, Jet Set, and Choco Tacos).

Jillian Bell will be joining us at 9:30PM EST/6:30PM PST for the hour leading up to the Season 3 Premiere. Get torqued and your questions @Jillian now! Talkin’ about mountains, y’all

Jillian is coming for your questions @9:30PM EST

The power of Christ compels you to ask Erik good questions!

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