The World According To Julie J: I Won…With Other Songs

04.26.14 3 years ago 8 Comments

zmoney danny brown jug finesse

Another excitable week in my world, folks. Honest is now out, and Honest is now out. Besides coming to an abrupt and unexpected conclusion that I really don’t like “I Won,” I also sought out some other songs this week.

At first, I chalked “Jug & Finesse” up as a dope albeit unexpected collaboration between two seemingly different artists. But, then I knocked the rainbows, butterflies, and glitter out of my brain, and realized that ZMoney and Danny Brown really make sense.

Particularly, they both have deliveries that are way different than what we’re all used to. Danny has obviously been around much longer, whereas ZMoney is relatively new to the game, but both of their highly unique styles mesh well in this case. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t help but get the vibe that Danny Brown is acting like a mentor, or maybe big brother would be more accurate, to the young Chicago rapper.

ZMoney has a tape called The Greatest Trap Show On Earth, and with a title like that, I doubt that it’s even possible for it to disappoint.

Curtis Williams – “Danco James”

Curtis Williams is still one of the most least known, well known rappers. In other words, way more people should be hip to him than tend to be, and people such as myself will continue to praise Half Forgotten Day Dreams.

“Danco James,” as some might infer from the title, was a release for the one of the two holidays that happened to fall on last Sunday. Not to drop a spoiler alert, but yes, Curtis Williams made a song about Easter, obviously.

Even if it’s a day that you don’t observe…or even if you don’t smoke weed and could really care less about the fact that it’s legal in your state because it was already practically legal, Curtis Williams still manages to craft a song that’s so dope that that’s all slightly irrelevant.

rome fortune peewee longway get that dun deal

Rome Fortune Ft. PeeWee Longway – “Get That” (Prod. By Dun Deal)

Rome Fortune is always, somewhat quietly it seems, making off-the-beaten-path, quality music and not waiting around for people to realize how dope he is before he moves on to his next project.

“Get That” is surprisingly lighthearted and upbeat, both in DunDeal’s instrumental and feeling. Meanwhile, PeeWee Longway just gets better and better, sounding more and more effortless in his deliveries, and as a result, appearing in my Feedly almost as frequently as his unofficial sidekick Young Thug. Did I mention how I’m not mad at anything of this?

The trend of a one rapper, one producer project hasn’t fizzled out yet, and Rome Fortune and DunDeal are combining their powers on Drives, Thighs, & Lies.


Kolley – “Real Love” (Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.)

I really don’t care one way or another that Kolley is from a small town, as if a teeny tiny town of 235 can’t produce a rapper. That really gets me thinking (uh oh), and makes me wonder how many rappers there are per capita in my city. If we said that there is going to be one decent rapper out of 235, and Google says that as of 2012 there are 634,535 people here, well, that math breaks out to about 2,712 rappers in Seattle. That seems about right.

Now that I’ve basically completely digressed, Kolley is from Bassfield, Mississippi. He’s the latest to be blessed with a especially soulful Big K.R.I.T. beat in “Real Love.” He also dropped a song with Metro Boomin earlier in the week – two songs in one week is a risky move – but I’m inclined to favor the more soulful “Real Love” over “Too Much,” even though Metro frequently produces fire.

A. Ware – “Yellow Watermelon” Video

A Ware and Corey Davis, better known together as Mach Five, seem like a couple of the coolest dudes out there. Actually, that’s a lie. I met them briefly one time, and can confirm that that is, in fact, a fact.

Anyhow, A. Ware is off on his own now, and has taken a turn to the whimsical with “Yellow Watermelon,” which is basically the opposite of Violence. The black and white video has a decidedly romantic air to it, and Good Morning Midnight should be an interesting project from an interesting artist.

the devil violence mixtape
The Devil – Violence Mixtape

If ever the word “Mixtape” didn’t describe a multi track project, it’s now. Derek Schklar, aka The Devil, returns with Violence, and continues to purposely defy conventional categories with this body of work.

As a moniker like The Devil suggests, there is nothing about this that is for the weak of heart. He continues in the vein of last year’s The Harbinger, but sounding darker and slightly more unhinged. Or, the way that I like to look at it is that it makes one think between the Southern beats, various verses, news clips, and Johnny Cash.

After The Harbinger dropped, it took me longer than it should have to realize that he isn’t actually rapping. Instead, it’s like he’s more of an evil master, corralling rappers – DTE has a heavy presence here – and plunging into the darkness and despair that is prevalent in the world but easy to overlook. The Devil is shrouded in mystery, and I like that.

With a score of -196 at Livemixtapes, that’s as good as an reason that I can say in this space as to why you should check it out.

DownloadThe Devil – Violence Mixtape

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