World’s Fair Preps For Summer By Dropping The Chilly “Snow About 10 Feet”

06.10.14 3 years ago

If the title “Snow About 10 Feet” wasn’t enough to direct listeners to where World’s Fair’s collective head is, then all one has to do is hear the Black Noi$e production. Slowly churning and cool, the Queens emcees pass the verses back and forth like a charred cigarette on a chilly subway platform.

The unseasonable “Snow About 10 Feet” marks World’s Fair’s third release in about a month and a half, after the sparse “Uh Huh” and slapping “N.A.A.S.” They’re currently on a quickie tour of the East Coast but perhaps this recent output hints that a new project is coming soon. Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait until winter for it.

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