The World’s Loudest Soundsystem Literally Will Kill You

02.27.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Your ears still ringing from that sick concert last weekend? Don’t be such a wimp, bro. You haven’t died from a lack of oxygen in the room, and your ears haven’t gone up in flames, so you really didn’t party that hard.

Let’s take a trip to the Netherlands, where the loudest soundsystem ever constructed calls home. Thump (Vice’s EDM culture and music site) has the scoop on this monstrosity, which is located at the Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF).

About the use of the system:

“They don’t strictly use it for music, instead blasting powerful, spectral noise to test if a rocket can withstand the sheer force of a takeoff… It’s a big chamber, used to simulate the environment that a spacecraft will come into contact with. It’s an environment with a lot of noise, which no human could withstand.”

About how loud this thing actually gets:

“154 decibels… It’s louder than a firecracker exploding right in your ear. If you were up close to a jet taking off, that would be wouldn’t be nearly as loud as we are. We are four times louder than that… A music show should be around 80db, so [it] would be over 70db louder than [that].”

About what would happen if a human were exposed to such noise:

“Well, you’d already be dead from the lack of oxygen in the room with the amount of nitrogen that we have blown into it to simulate the launch off… [If oxygen weren’t a factor] you’d explode by the ears.”

Again, catch the entire interview over at Thump by clicking the link above. Now, we’d assume there has to be a James Bond writer out there who’s eagerly jotting down notes on this thing for a nefarious new villain.

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