Write Back To The Future…

09.05.08 9 years ago 7 Comments

Is there anything Haircut can’t do?” © House Shoes

No. No, there’s not.

First time I heard this beat on Haircut’s [of Lab Techs] MySpace page about a year ago I played it back a dozen times with a vicious nod and gas face. Today the beat is breathed new life with Now On – of which Haircut is one third – and a featured verse from Rhode Island native Shawn Jackson, on “Write Back.”

The strings are plinked and pulled straight through a soulful Detroit basic 4, but the piano and synth are all fueled by a Left Coast minor-key slant. This one’s for those who liked Dre and/or Dilla and everything in the 2500 miles between them. Shawn’s verse at the end goes hard and compliments smooth-n-gritty 16s from both Jackson and IX Lives. Haircut’s titanium beat and hook make for a nice Caltroit track to get you heated for the cooler months of fall.

Now On Feat. Shawn Jackson – “Write Back”

Now On’s MySpace

Shawn Jackson’s MySpace

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