Wyclef Jean – “Warriorz”

07.03.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

Words By Prop Jay

A few weeks ago Wyclef dropped a tape completely unexpectedly. We could only then guess that it was a prelude to something. Now, we know what : The album Wyclef Jean is coming in January.

This cat honestly has been grinding recently and hasn’t sounded this good since The Carnival. Maybe it was label bullshit or maybe he just hasn’t been hungry, but as of recent he’s put in work. “Warriorz” is another example of this newly found lease on his career. Reverting back to the grittier passionate tribal sound that he made his name with and away from the club records, Clef’ seems to find whatever it is he has been missing. Now we just need to get Ms. Hill back on track (or meds), help Pras get his life together and The Fugees will be good as effin’ new*.


Download — Wyclef Jean – “Warriorz”

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*Yeah right.

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