Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, And James McAvoy Looking Good On ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set

05.31.13 4 years ago

UPDATE: We had to take most of the photos down. You can view them over at CBM while they last.

In our unending effort to bring you all of the latest set pictures from X-Men: Days Of Future Past, we’re pleased to bring you four more pictures from the Montreal set like the groovy picture above of Magneto and Professor X being two wild and crazy guys. Part of the story is set in 1973. Clearly. You don’t see a scarf like that without a time machine or a bus ticket to Portland.

There’s also this new picture of Peter Dinklage in costume which fits with those Bolivar Trask rumors even more than the previous photos.

He’s looking quite a bit like Bolivar Trask there. Lending even more credence to the rumors that Trask, creator of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots, will appear in X-Men: Days Of Future Past is this picture tweeted by director Bryan Singer.

Singer captioned this one, “Craft Service”. Worst catering ever.


[Sources: CBM, THR, @Bryan Singer, Top Photo via Shutterstock]

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