X-Men: First Class Trailer Finally Arrives

02.10.11 7 years ago

Step One: put your Magneto in a box.

The internets were in a tizzy this afternoon, as Fox was supposed to release the first trailer for X-Men: First Class on Facebook around 3 pm.  Then it didn’t arrive.  Then the release time was removed from the Facebook page and replaced with the vague promise of “PM” without an hour.  It looked like we’d just have the two newly released pictures on this page and nothing else to nerd out over.

Thankfully, the blogger rage can now be quelled as the aptly-named ComingSoon snagged the video that wasn’t coming so soon.  Assume I made a suggestive self-deprecating joke about their website name and let’s move on.  Here’s the video.  FINALLY. (A word my lovers never say. ZING!)

[Video via ComingSoon, pictures via BleedingCool]

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