'Yakuza 5' To Feature… Dance Battles?

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I have to admit, I love the Yakuza series because it’s pretty much what happens when the Japanese look at Grand Theft Auto and think, “This is awesome, but you know what it needs? Weird jammed into every single orifice.”

The fifth game in the series, which I really hope does actually come to the US, features, among other things, hunting (as in actual wild animals you hunt with a rifle), baseball, and taxi minigames.

But probably the weirdest will be the dance battles. Since one of the characters you play is actually a civilian and not a hardened criminal, she couldn’t go around messing people up.

And since she’s an aspiring pop idol, there will be dance battles.

But hopefully Sega realizes the opportunity they have here.

Think about it, Sega, you could have dance battles for all the characters.

Yes, it’d be ridiculous, but A) it’d be funny and B) it would give me a litany of Jets Vs. Sharks jokes. It would also probably be as close as we’ll ever get to a new Elite Beat game.

Look, your series is already insane and weird. You put out a zombie version of Yakuza, for crying out loud. You’ve got a dynamic fight system. Why not make your game into an interactive musical. It’ll be a lot better than whatever Andrew Lloyd Webber is farting out.

image courtesy Sega

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