Yeah, Hoe!: 5 Classic Gangsta Boo Guest Appearances

11.18.11 6 years ago 11 Comments
Gangsta Boo

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By now, most of you have thoroughly entertained yourself with repeated listens from Yelawolf’s “Throw It Up,” featuring a hilarious Eminem cameo and a random, yet well-placed reemergence from Gangsta Boo. And while it may have caught most fans off guard to hear from the former Three 6 Mafia starlet leading the charge on the sole Slim Shady feature, it’s a feat she’s made part of her forte her entire tenure in the rap game.

As the feverish record will likely jumpstart the second half of her career here’s a flashback of her show-stealing prowess over the years. ‘Ye know she was hot? Let’s jog your memory for a second.

Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – “Da Blow” (2005)

The moment when chopped & screwed culture met a commercial viable platform and made everybody happy was a lethal speedball of mesmeric cadences, hypnotic keys and ghoulish instrumentation to traffic “Da Blow.” Call it under-underground rap. Call it a classic. Call it a reason not to take your next piss test.

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