“Yeah, That Tuxedo Mighta Been A Little Guido…”

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I was going to skip right past this latest viral video ploy by 50 to assert that Kanye bats from the other side of the plate. But, as you’ll read below, somebody took the time to type up similar thoughts as mine so I figured it might be a worthy topic for discussion.

Found in the inbox, sent by JDW

People are now labeling Kanye gay again because of the new clip 50’s desperate ass released. Basically, Kanye is saying that he learns to dress by watching the gays. What’s funny is people are making a big deal but…

Yves Saint Laurent was gay.
Gianni Versace was gay.
Marc Jacobs — Art director for LV is gay as the day is long.
Jean Paul Gaultier is gay.
Giorgio Armani is gay.
Dudes behind Dolce & Gabbana.. gay

These are not speculations. These are straight up facts. I can go on and on. The general population is so fucking stupid. Gays have been dressing them since forever. I hate me a homophobe lol.

Interestingly true so it’s hard to disagree with what’s been said.


— I agree with Kanye. Whether it’s conscious or trying to do it on the sly, I think we all (or at least I do) take notice of the clothing homosexual men wear. Gays are usually meticulous about their attire, “shitty sharp” © Daddy Gotty™. I’m not subscribing to wearing anything extra smedium or sequined shirts. But there’s style lacking in our culture when it comes to our haberdashery. In Black music, fashion has slackened over the years and no more is flair a part of what we or our artists do. Instead, they depend on jewelry, gaudy logos and what it cost instead of what it says about them.

But it’s not just within music. The dress code for men has succumbed to “casual Friday” — sweatshirts & clothing that should generally be relegated to the house — being worn seven days per week. No longer do men wear overcoats, overshoes (I have a pair) & fedoras. I’d rather see men stylishly & respectfully dressed as opposed to a bunch of dirtbags & slouches.

Don’t get it twisted. I wear bright colors & odd color combos in certain articles of clothing. I peruse fashion magazines frequently. But, I know my limits & am well aware that slim-fitting pieces that work on models & mannequins might not be suitable for every day wear. Everything homosexuals rock ain’t my steez, word to this cat I used to work with wearing pony hair boots.

— While my gaydar is pretty weak, nothing about Kanye screams “I’m here. I’m queer. Get used to it!” Aside from his fashion sense & risks, he’s always portrayed this air of emotion that leads me to believe he’s in touch with his inner Venus. He was raised by his mother, who encouraged him to be outgoing & artistic. Obviously, clothing has become one of those outlets of expression for Kanye. For a music that thrives off machismo & lacks any femininity period, perhaps it’s good that Mr. West continue to push what’s vogue.

Now, a word from Lafayette…

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