Yes, Let’s Teach The Robots How To Box

04.15.11 7 years ago

Kris Tressider, a structural engineer in Australia, built a robot sparring partner called the Punching Pro.  Its steel arms are connected to 12-volt windshield wiper motors, the shoulders rotate, and its elbows bend.  It’s not quite something out of Real Steel yet, but give it time.  It’ll be destroying your village soon enough.

And there’s also this:

“A third electric motor can then be engaged via an opposing cam cable device to become berserk.”


An indestructible punching robot with a berserk mode. What, besides a major motion picture, could possibly go wrong? [IEEE]

Tressider is now seeking investments to ” bring the product to the next level”.  What comes after “Beserk” mode?  “Andy Dick camping out in your guest room” mode?  Tressider wants to eventually sell an upgraded model for around $1000 so you can fight a robot in your own home.  A small price to pay to prepare for the day when the metal ones come for you (and they will).

[via Gizmag and IEEE]

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