Yet Another SMH Nominee for 2008…Pras

10.23.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

I work in the customer service industry and every so often a disgruntled customer threatens to call the local news channel to have them do an exposé on me & my company for our “bad business practices.” First thing: I don’t give a damn who you call, because the moment you say that you’re dead to me. Second thing: By the time they say that, I think they’ve worked everything out while yelling at me to the point where they realize their claim is baseless and they sound like an idiot. But after seeing them get Pras I might have to reconsider my stance.

Turns out Pras ran up a $19,000 tab on studio time at Fight Klub while recording his latest album (Experience Magic in case you were wondering) and skipped out on the bill. Not what you’d expect from someone who was 1/3 of a group that’s sold over 30 million records on one album and has had middling success on his own. I guess the economy affects all of us differently, but you’d think Pras would have his own studio at this point of his life. Kudos to 7 On Your Side if this is real, but I’m still a bit skeptical that this wasn’t staged because how did they just happen to find him roaming around his alma mater? Dude jet sets all around the world and they happen to catch him there?

That’s the problem with mainstream media, they think they make us believe anything I’m glad ol’ dude got his money but this sounds as contrived as Joe The Plumber.


Jedi Mind Tricks – Godflesh

Trey Songz & Drake – Pop Rose

Freeway – Nobody’s Fool (Prod. Blunt) Props to 2DB

D.I.T.C. – Mad Live

Ryan Leslie – Quicksand

Wordsmith-A Black Tie Affair

AZ Feat. Saigon – 12 Jewels (Remix)

Keri Hilson Ft. Lil Wayne – Turn Off

B.o.B- Created A Monster

Beyonce – At Last


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