You All Leceivel Of Anarr Valiety, Light?

12.29.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

Oh, famous polln stall Risa Ann! I such big fan! You pray Salah Payrin in Hines #1 bukkake crip! I lub one out to you rong time! I rike it when you get big creampie! It Hines favollet kind of pie! Oooooh, hairpie!

pic courtesy of reader Don S.

UPDATE: Didn’t realize until just now that Lisa Ann actually blogged (LINK VERY NSFW) about meeting Hines:

“The party was so cool, everyone from the company and a surprise guest who came to chill with us, Steelers player Heinz Ward.. See pics… only6 problem for me with Heinz… DON’T test MY FANHOOD… the Steelers had just beet my Cowboys last week, so I was just not over it yet.. I had to discuss the stroke of luck I felt the Steelers actually had by Romo throwing them the bgall and giving the game away in the last 3 minutes.. We were ahead till then and we actually would have won. So no matter what… I could not give in and let it go, but now that we finaly beat the Giants I am feeling a bit better.”

Bet Lisa wasn’t feeling so hot today, though. Know what might cheer her up?

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