You Got Hellboy In My Beasts of Burden

10.26.10 7 years ago

The one shot crossover of Hellboy and Beasts of Burden releases tomorrow, and ComicsAlliance snagged a preview. The comic features covers by Mike Mignola [cover] and Jill Thompson [cover] and is written by Evan Dorkin and illustrated by Thompson. There’s nothing about that sentence I don’t like (except the word and. He thinks he’s so great).

The paranormal animal detectives of Burden Hill have found a case they can’t handle, but luckily Hellboy is in the neighborhood.  Although when Dorkin was interviewed back in April he totally spoiled the ending:

“Mike told us to feel free writing it as Hellboy guest-starring in our book. I think he’s going to be very disappointed when I kill Hellboy off and reveal that everything that you know about Hellboy is wrong, that he’s fated to be a deli owner in Baltimore. Nothing to do with any Beast of the Apocalypse stuff. Just gonna be slicing pastrami and stuff, then pass away from cancer. And I’m bringing Roger the Homunculus back. I think that’s my right because I like the character, and I’m an aggrieved fanboy who thinks he knows better than the creator of the character.” […]

“The truth is, Hellboy beats the living crap out of [the animals] in about four panels, and our book is canceled because they’re all dead. The rest of the book is just like pastoral scenes of the hills and Hellboy eating paprika chicken at a restaurant.” [CBR]

Oh, man. I can’t wait.  I f–king love pastoral scenes of the hills and paprika chicken.

More pictures at ComicsAlliance.

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