You Only Retire Eight Times

05.29.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

You can’t be a quarterback who makes a career of just havin’ fun out there without subscribing to the philosophy of YOLO, even if it was years before the goldurn kids made it a thing. In fact, Brett Favre probably still doesn’t know what YOLO means – consider him lucky in this regard – but he’s now plugging paddleboards made by a company that has appropriated the word for its brand.

Brett Favre recently hopped on his new YOLO Board with his dog, for their first adventure on a paddleboard. We are so excited to have this Superbowl MVP join our growing YOLO Board Celebrity family. Other athletes that use YOLO stand up paddleboards as another training tool are Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Clay Matthews.

Good look for the Paddleslinger to get the board with the design that looks closest to camouflage. He can set up his own deer stand. Finally, Brett can hunt hisself those pesky aqua deer that have always eluded him. Now to get a mini YOLO board with his smellhound.

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