“You Only Rilin’ Me Up…” – Nas Challenges O’Reilly & Fox News

07.27.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

All the recent Nas talk is indicative of the fact that, here and now, Lil’ Homey has finally come of age. Because of Illmatic, Nas has been a fixture throughout hip-hop’s 90s transition from still-counterculture into full on-pop culture. Thus, after some detours along his personal path (i.e. the Escobar era), Jones has finally transformed from unassuming voice of the projects to outspoken voice of resistance for the mainstream. The co-sign alone from Colbert — a #1 in his own right — qualifies Nasir’s cultural significance.

Being a realist though, Nas’ challenge of a debate with Bill O’Reilly (and Fox News in general) just might accomplish, well, nothing. Even Carville-ian skills of argument may not be the Hanzo katana to cut through dude’s thick skin of ignorance and apparent close-mindedness. You see, when Billy Bias dismisses the Fox protesters as “Kool-Aid drinking zombies,” the level-headed agenda of Nas and friends is put into the same arena as that of brain-washed crazies. That Bill was the one to say that also lends undertones of racist stereotypes to the allusion. Add to that Bill’s statement that the media outlets that gave the protest coverage are “corrupt” suggests that there’s quite possibly no getting through to this guy.

Nas is doing the right thing but he just might be the little kid flailing away while the bigger bully Bill stands untouched, holding him at bay by the forehead.

On another note, though, sometimes, the only way to battle ignorance is with ignorance itself. Case in point, The Dips ftw.

Video: Nas Stands Up Against “Sly Fox”

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