“You stand to win everything. Call it.” – Carolina Panthers Ask Fans For Coin Flip Advice

11.30.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

The Carolina Panthers turned to their fans via Facebook and Reddit yesterday for advice on how to call the team’s next coin flip as the team is 0-13 (including one overtime) on the toss this season. Much like trying to remember if it’s “liquor before beer, have no fear” or “beer before liquor, never sicker” six drinks into a bender, the captains of the Panthers seem to be struggling with, “tails never fails” versus “tails always fails, why not just call the same thing each week and see what happens it’s not like it can get any worse we’re already 3-8 and even the Jaguars and Chiefs have won coin tosses.”

This isn’t the first time in recent memory a team has struggled to win the coin flip. Last year both the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns started the season 0-11 on the coin flip, demonstrating that such bad luck can happen to both playoff bound and non-playoff bound teams alike.

Teams often spend a fair amount of time planning their strategy based upon on getting the ball first or deferring to the second half, so winning the toss does have some importance to the Panthers beyond just moral and superstition. Maybe they can lobby for Cleatus the Robot to toss this coin in this week’s game against the Chiefs, removing the human element that alters the true 50-50 nature of a coin flip.

As far as which option won the poll in the end? Hard to say as the Panthers have removed the poll from their Facebook page. Guess it’s a toss.

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