You Went Too Far This Time, Seahawks Fans

01.09.13 5 years ago 103 Comments

You just knew when Washington advanced to face Atlanta in the divisional round of the playoffs that someone was gonna go and bring up the Civil War. Oh, what’s that? Seattle defeated Washington? Well, I guess there’s no need to invoke conflicts from 150 years ago, especially when one of the cities involved in the game this weekend had only just been founded when the war broke out. Unless the Seahawks have a player with the same last name as a Union general who ordered the burning Atlanta, in which case, full speed ahead with the Civil War stuff! Weeeeee!

The above image comes from a Seahawks fan forum on Facebook. Including Richard Sherman on Gen. Sherman’s horse is a cute touch and adds a little “Django Unchained” revenge flavor to the leveling of the slavery-era South.

As far as present day affairs, Richard Sherman didn’t do a lot to counter his growing reputation of being a dick on Sunday in Washington by taunting the opposition after the game and having Trent Williams mash his face. If Sherman can shut down Julio Jones, he’ll have earned his bragging for another week. Though I’m sure more than a few people would like to see Julio put Sherman in his place.

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