You Will Now Need A Cable Subscription To Watch Stuff On Hulu

04.30.12 13 Comments

Hey remember when Hulu was supposed to be the thing — or one of the things — that would help liberate us all from cable companies and the ridiculous rates they charge for their services. Well, think again current and potential would-be cord-cutters.

Reports Fox Business:

Hulu, which attracted 31 million unique users in March under a free-for-all model, is taking its first steps to change to a model where viewers will have to prove they are a pay-TV customer to watch their favorite shows, according to sources.

In fact, the move by Hulu toward the new model — called authentication because viewers would have to log in with their cable or satellite TV account number — was behind the move last week by Providence Equity Partners to cash out of Hulu after five years, these sources said.

Seriously, though — is anyone really surprised? Hulu has sadly come to be owned by News Corp., Disney, and Comcast, so you had to the old dinosaurs would revert back to their old dinosaur tricks sooner or later.

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