Young Jeezy Feat. Plies – “Lose My Mind”

03.01.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

I heard they were performing this track @ the BP3 tour stop in Atlanta over the weekend and it was pretty good. But since Plies pretty much lost his last shreds of street cred a while ago, I had low expectations. It’d be like Kobe carrying the Lakers squads after Phil and Shaq left. I was right. While Jeezy’s still in his damn zone, like Kobe chumpin’ off 82 with ease, Plies couldn’t pull it together for short feature spot. SMH.

Oh yeah, for them people, Jeezy’s CTE people sent this over. Don’t come buggin’ me about it. If you really want to be worrying about something, worry about scrappin’ those babbage bars Plies just spit before TM103 hits shelves. But, dear reader, I’d grab this while it’s available.


Download — Young Jeezy Feat. Plies – “Lose My Mind”

Photo props to Exclusive Access

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