When Jay Bilas Finally Met Young Jeezy

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
06.29.14 18 Comments

young jeezy jay bilas

File this under cool sh*t that doesn’t happen daily. Late last week, Vibe managed to wrangle some time with ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas and the topic of Bilas’ daily references to Young Jeezy lyrics entered the conversation. While Bilas was reciting one of the Snowman’s lyrics, in walks Jeezy into the picture to surprise him.

Bilas is an admitted Jeezy fan, referencing the rapper’s lyrics on Twitter each morning for (thug) motivation and signing off his tweets with “I gotta go to work” and also citing lines live during game broadcast as early as 2011. He even went so far as to cite “the urban philosopher” during the commencement speech at Queens University in Charlotte this past May. Jeezy eventually paid the references back by dropping Bilas name in E-40’s “Function” remix (“City where we don’t do broke, we like figgas, Get that bag, then we going to work like Jay Bilas.”)

Despite all of this, the two had never met until this video was filmed and here they discuss their mutual admiration. It’s actually kind of hilarious to see Bilas taken aback when Jeezy shows up and equally funny to watch the former Duke Blue Devil tower over the rapper when they’re standing side-by-side.

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