Young Jeezy – “Who Dat” Video

12.17.08 9 years ago 33 Comments

Aside from the instant gratification that “My President” and “Put On” evokes, “Who Dat” (with Shawty Redd on the track! “Yeahhhh”) remains my personal fav on The Recession.

They say who dat!!? Nigga we dat!!! Today’s trey day so I guess he tryna three dat. Never ever ever serve a nigga where ya sleep at. D’s be at ya door, nigga ‘ye ain’t tryna see that…

All that trapper madness right before the beat spirals into delirium of fiery drums and crunk juice. Makes you wanna swerve in traffic like you got a pregnant woman in the passenger seat, ready to pop. But above all, its formidable presence allows it to be indexed as the key moment where Jeezy was able to remain the Snowman amongst the meaningful content that really caught listener’s ears on his 3rd LP.

The Recession may have not been nominated for a Grammy, but then again, people tend to overlook the bright side of hard times.

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