Your Ass Has Something to Say And Jeff Reed Wants to Make Sure Everyone Hears It

02.08.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

Having gotten his drank on in Tampa, Jeff Reed now embarks on an offseason of sitting at tables with large bottles of Grey Goose and sticking microphones up guys’ asses. Because the flatus must be heard! And leopard print girl seems very interested in what it has to say.

Ahem. Anyway, sorry to push Kate Mara down the page, but the latest in the neverending series of exclusive shots of Skippy getting tanked takes precedent.

Also, for a quick daily refresher in annoying homerism: it seems Cowboys fans are all hot and bothered because some diptard on ESPN suggested that the Steelers should now be the ones called “America’s Team” because they have lots of fans and the most Super Bowl titles. I think I speak in accordance with the rest of Steelers fans when I say we don’t give a shit and Dallas can keep their dumb moniker.


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