Your Brief A3C Perfect Attendance Recap: Night Two

10.03.09 8 years ago 31 Comments

Just to reiterate what Gotty said yesterday, if you weren’t @ The Five Spot Friday night, it was your loss. It’s crazy what a difference a day can make, but the place was packed out. How packed? Full capacity packed for a couple of hours. So packed that they cut off access to the VIP section behind the stage. Not that I’m Hollywood or anything, but I do like taking advantage of the bar with easier access & sitting down for a few minutes every now and then. Earlier in the night I had been talking with Sabzi from Blue Scholars about what I liked about A3C so far. And my response was that I liked seeing the progression of the artists, specifically the ones I met back at SXSW.

Take Donnis & Curren$y for example. When we first met Donnis in Austin, he was sorta just hanging around with his manager, bright-eyed and being introduced to the scene. Fast-forward to now and he’s built a nice little buzz with his mixtape and he’s not so wet behind the ears anymore.

Curren$y A3C Performance Part I from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

Curren$y x A3C Performance Part II from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

As for Spitta. He’s still Spitta, but to see the way he’s grown as a performer is just short of amazing. During his show in Austin, he was just rapping on top of recorded songs. Now dude owns the stage. Every movement he made had a purpose and despite his affinity for cannabis, he didn’t flub a word until he closed out his set with “Elevator Musik.” He got a little overwhelmed by the crowd which had been going line-for-line with $pitta for a solid four songs.

I wasn’t too familiar with Yelawolf before tonight, but dude is a trip. If he hadn’t been pointed out to me before he went on, I woulda just thought he was a random dude at the bar. He even went on stage at the wrong time, drink in hand, and was ready to rock until the host let him know that he’d jumped the gun. But when he did get on, he was a high-energy yet controlled performer, going from frantic moves to slow motion stand stills at the drop of a dime. And from what I heard, this wasn’t even his A-Game, because he didn’t have his backing band with him.

Mikkey Halsted Performs “The Liquor Store” Live from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

^ Rough footage by Gotty™. Watch for the polished presentation later.

Mikkey Halsted (or “Hustle” as the host mistakenly called him) brought a little bit of gravity to the evening by dedicating his set to Derrion Albert and the violence in Chicago period. With the city & media still bummed out on losing the Olympic bid, it was nice to see someone focused on what was really important. He dropped a little bit of knowledge and the crowd was on his every word as if he was telling them to “drop it low” or something.

The final show tonight will be no drop-off as J. Cole, UNI, Hollyweerd, Diz Gibran, Rockwell Knuckles, El Prez, TiRon and more will be blessing the Perfect Attendance stage @ The Five Spot. If you’re near here, you should be there or be considered square.

As a little extra, here’s an all-encapsulating recap from Night One. More individual footage to come but this, this will show you how fast-paced & full the shows have been going.

A3C Night 1 Recap Video from The Smoking Section on Vimeo.

Gotty’s Notes — Big shouts to Mic Terror, who Drew @ FSD has be continually biggin’ up for a while. I’m a believer. Firm shoutouts to Chip Tha Ripper too, who had the crowd rocking along word for word. Looks like CuDi may have been right on what he told us months ago. The Primeridian duo did the damn thing — even going so far as to incorporate a horn solo & off-the-dome free — as well so respect to them.

Extra shoutouts to Mike, Rapper Pooh & tall-can man Joe Scudda for stopping through & showing support.

Video footage: The SP Agency. Remember that name.

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