Your Brief Guide to the Awesome Leia/Kirk YouTube Feud

12.01.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

We’re not going to take sides in this ongoing and eternal war except to say both represent large corporations taking your childhood love out behind the woodshed and doing unspeakable things to it. For every “Attack of the Clones”, there is a “Voyager”. For every “Insurrection”, there is a “Clone Wars” cartoon.
Fortunately, we don’t have to take sides: the alleged professionals who worked on these shows will do it for us! And do it hilariously!
Below, we have the three videos that currently comprise what we know about this truly epic battle of the icons: the Shatner video that started it all, Carrie Fisher’s response, and Shatner’s second volley. And before you ask, these are all from their official YouTube channels: enjoy.

The video that started it all. We have nothing to say except…what IS that Shatner is wearing, anyway? Seriously, what is that? It looks like a wearable parasite, or Slim Goodbody after he was hit by a truck.

I don’t know why she’s being interviewed by Harvey Fierstein, but it only adds to the comedy.
Also, at 1:11, Fisher offers up something that can only be described as pure nightmare fuel.

And Shatner’s response, which pretty much will end your workplace productivity for a solid five minutes while you’re laughing. You’re welcome.
[ thanks to Topless Robot for collecting these ]

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