Your Weekly Pawnee: On The Set Of 'Philly Justice' And The Cast Of 'Parks And Recreation' As Kids

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02.22.12 2 Comments

Here’s a fun Parks & Recs twofer to help get you through the afternoon.

Last night Adam Scott tweeted the above photo, adding “Check out this photo from a pilot I worked on in ’03–PHILLY JUSTICE.” While he provided no additional context, and it’s clearly a photo from the Parks set, the tweet does confirm how badly I want to be friends with Adam Scott, and then, by default, Paul Rudd.

Hopefully this means our Thursday nights will be getting more Bobby Newport sooner rather than later. I assume a Kathryn Hahn guest spot is in the mix too.

And after the jump we have a fun collage of yearbook and assorted youngster photos of the cast of Parks and Recreation put together by Tumblr Play With Squirrels. Recently discovered yearbook photo of former regular Louis C.K. included for good measure. It’s a good thing Adam Scott and Amy Poehler didn’t attend the same high school because I don’t think the “Best Bangs” superlative could have handled it.

Via Rufus T. Firefly

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