“Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It…”

03.13.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

Welcome to the first meeting of the S.W.A.G. (S.topping unA.ssuming W.aterhead G.oofballs) Police. You’ve all been chosen to be a part of this elite team because a) you keep coming around and b) you keep coming around. We dropped the ball on the SL (Stanky Legg) virus, despite excellent recon work by agent DD. Despite his best efforts in trying to warn us at the top of the year in Chicago, we failed to suppress this virus and it is running rampant throughout North America. We cannot let this happen again.

A very reliable source has brought to our attention something ten times as deadly as the SL virus. The SS (Swag Surfin) strain has been identified on the Southside of Atlanta. At this time, it’s been isolated, but if this were to spread across the country the results would be catastrophic. The SL virus has attributed to numerous albums being pushed back & the SS strain could potentially delay something we actually want to hear (Detox?!?!?!?!).

How can you help you ask? Simple follow the steps below and hopefully we’ll be able to sweep this under the rug like a sting 50 Cent’s stalled singes.

1. Watch the video above to study our targets, so you can be ready to act in the field.

2. Click the link below to inoculate yourself from future auditory exposure. 30 – 45 seconds should do the trick, as anything longer may have adverse side effects i.e. Swag Surfin, understanding Gruems, or agreeing with Hater Chris.

3. At anytime you hear this around a group of susceptible people you must change the station or subject.

If these steps are followed we should be able to contain this.

Rembember: The Blueprint 3, Good A** Job, Detox, & countless other albums are hanging in the balance.

Failure is not an option.

F.L.Y. – Swag Surfin

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QuESt – Distant Travels Into Soul Theory


DJ Magic Mike – More Bootyz In Motion

David Ruffin – Feelin’ Good





VA-Murder_Was_The_Case OST

Stray Shots

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