Your Monday Night Game…Quickly

10.29.07 10 years ago 7 Comments

Tonight’s game promises to be at least entertaining, at least significantly better than last night’s matchup, My Thumb vs. My Ass.

Hey, the Packers are pretty good this year. They’ve successfully not sucked, despite not being able to run the ball for shit. Brett Favre has had two weeks to prepare, coming off a shitty game against somebody. Oh yeah, Washington. Really, defense has carried this team, but Favre gets most of the credit, as the media is obviously very desirous to see an old white guy succeed.

Denver managed to beat Pittsburgh last weekend (I’m glad somebody did) after Elam bailed their asses out yet again with a 49-yarder from the fairway as the clock ran out. This will be Cutler’s first Monday Night start, and I immediately predict to see Jaworski provide a detailed and figurative slurping of the young quarterback, if only to not feel left out while Kornheiser performs his tired, grandiose technique of same with the Original Gunslinger. Look for Tirico’s generous doling of tissues during those waist-up camera shots from the booth.

Punter’s Pick: Broncos, 24-10.

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