Your Super Bowl XLIV Preview & Open Thread

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One last game.

With the Pro Bowl thankfully out of the way football closes out another year with arguably the biggest sporting event of the year.  With two high octane offenses facing each other, we should be in for a treat.  Peyton Manning is looking to further cement his place in history, while the Saint’s are carrying the city of New Orleans on their shoulders.  Since these are, without a doubt, the top-rated teams this year its hard to call either team an underdog.  Yet that’s the position the Saints are in with almost everyone already giving the game to Indy.  We’ve played it out in our minds, via simulation & it’s been broken down by ESPN’s talking heads to the point that we almost don’t have a reason to tune in to the game.

Oh yeah… for the commercials.  Check below for the beleaguered Crew’s picks for winner and MVP.  Then, weigh in with your opinion as we countdown to kickoff.

For once, we actually have the two best teams from each conference playing in the final game. Both Indy and New Orleans laid waste to the competition throughout the season and while the Saints did need a little of that ole Brett Favre magic to help them through, both have looked strong in the playoffs as well. Bookies favor the Colts, no doubt because they’ve won before and because the (false) perception still exists that the AFC is the stronger conference. But the Patriots proved, even in a loss, that the Colts weakness is their secondary and, if given time, good QBs can beat them deep. Drew Brees is a great QB and the Colts don’t have the defensive horses to run with the boys from Bourbon Street. The Saints win, America rejoices and David D. wakes up on Monday AM with a Who Dat tattoo on his forehead.

Pat M.: New Orleans Saints MVP: Drew Brees

Dwight Freeny is a game time decision, so it gives the Saints an advantage regardless of whether he sits or plays below 100%.  With two teams that like to air it out, I give the edge to the Saints because of their secondary & running game.  The secondary doesn’t have to be perfect, because Brees & Co. will score points.  Peyton Manning will make a few mistakes & I believe the Saints secondary will capitalize on them.  Meanwhile, Pierre Thomas & Reggie Bush will give them enough ground yards to keep them from teeing off on Drew.  Sadly, Joseph Addai won’t provide the same for Peyton, so he better be on point, in terms of picking up blitzes, because the Saints will be coming with their ears pinned back.

MZ: New Orleans Saints MVP: Drew Brees

I have to go with the Colts. Where New Orleans is the glamour pick for many, especially after all the city has gone through, don’t forget your still playing Peyton Manning. If he isn’t connecting passes with Reggie Wayne, it’s Pierre Garcon. If Dallas Clark is covered, he hits Austin Collie. Ask the Jets in the AFC Championship if I’m wrong. With Colts DE Dwight Freeney questionable, the key for an Indy “W” is through the offense. If Indy scores early and makes the Saints play catchup, score ring number two for Manning.

Jason H.: Indianapolis Colts MVP: Peyton Manning

Like Jason, I have to go with the Colts as well. This isn’t to say the Saints don’t have a damn good chance at winning, but I can’t see Peyton Manning getting to the big game just to lose it. I’m of the belief that Dwight Freeny’s possible absence won’t be enough to cause them to lose the game. They’re underrated as is on defense, so it’s nothing like a chip on your shoulder before the biggest game of your life. If the Colts can shut down N’awlins run game (which was nonexistent the last few weeks of the season), their chances increase even more. Bottom line: Peyton is TOO smart and has TOO many weapons to blow this one.

J. Tinsley: Indianapolis Colts MVP: Peyton Manning

After the most tragic Minnesota sports loss since ’98, It’s going to be very tough for me to watch this game. Whatever, I’m not dwelling on it and I’m trying my hardest NOT to be bitter. In fact, my heart’s pulling for the Black and Gold, but my logical side won’t let me pick against the Colts. Indy should be undefeated and Peyton Manning can solidify himself as a top three all-time QB if he wins another ring. Though the pick is considerably more boring, I think it’s the right one.

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