Your Week 16 Late Games Open Thread

12.23.12 5 years ago 569 Comments

The entire Week 16 slate save for one game is being played on Sunday and yet there are still only three games in the late afternoon slot. That seems ill-planned. I didn’t agree with everything in Mobutu’s piece on Deadspin about how NFL RedZone is secretly the thing that will one day lead to the downfall of the league, but the call for the NFL to balance out the amount of games during Sunday’s two daytime time slots is a sound one.

As for this depleted slate, the top draw is clearly Giants at the Ravens, or the Can Anyone Stop The Bleeding? Bowl. Despite losing three in a row, the Ravens clinched a playoff spot last week. Depending on how Bengals-Steelers went in the early afternoon, the Ravens may have already clinched a division title, giving them no incentive to even try to win a game for the first time in December.

The Giants don’t have quite the despairing losing streak that the Ravens do, but they are coming off a 34-0 throttling by the Falcons and have lost four of their last six. Of course, if New York were to follow the course of their previous two Super Bowl wins, this is the moment that a great resurgence toward postseason glory begins. Though they still need some help from various other NFC contenders.

As for the video above, that’s former Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams’ “Free Agent Christmas”. It has nothing to do with this fairly average slate of late games and that’s probably for the best. Also, holidays and stuff.

Your late game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

Cleveland at Denver **
Chicago at Arizona **
New York Giants at Baltimore ***

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