Your Week 8 Early Games Open Thread

10.28.12 5 years ago 517 Comments

Despite the NFL’s best efforts to disappoint its lusted after international market, this year’s game in London actually has a fairly even matchup for once. Even if said game, as Peter King noted, deprives the baseball obsessed people of St. Louis a chance to see Tom Brady play in their town. I’m sure they’ll get over it.

On Saturday, Gronk got to show the Brits what true American bros are all about. Whereas most people would be tempted to drop the mic to have their moment, Gronk does his signature spike with it. Still surprised he didn’t make any mention of asking Jeff Fisher for mustache rides before all is said and done.

Speaking of Brits embracing the NFL, I recently got the chance to read Adam Goldstein’s “Tailgate to Heaven”. Goldstein, who grew up embracing American football in London amid the hooligan scandals that plagued soccer in England in the late ’80s, left his job and sold his condo in 2008 to fund his dream: a whirlwind trip through the U.S. during which he planned to see a game in every NFL stadium in one season. He ended up traversing more than 65,000 miles and see 40 games over the course of 18 weeks. Along with introduction to tailgate culture, the book covers the logistical difficulties of pulling off such an unwieldy journey.

It’s a worthwhile read. Because it’s KSK, here’s one of the more off-color snippets from the book, where a fan steals his camera during a Vikings-Packers game at Lambeau.

After spending so much time at the tailgate I had eaten up most of my camera’s memory card, so by halftime I had to scroll back and delete a few of the blurry shots of the day to make some room for pictures later. As I nonchalantly scrolled back through pictures, I suddenly saw a shocking sight on my three-inch colour screen. It was a stark naked, flaccid penis. How the hell were there numerous pictures of said member on my camera? My cheeks went red with embarrassment, because the folks behind me could see the images in full clarity. Just prior to looking at my pictures I had actually turned to them to tell them “what a wonderful time I had at a tailgate.” What must they have thought I was up to?”

After some neat detective work I discovered the culprit. It was the away Vikings fan who demanded I eat his great brats at his tailgate. I had put my camera around his neck and asked him to take some pictures of all of us. Thirty of the pictures were great shots of tailgating and such; however, for the other twenty he decided that it would be a good idea to snap his, or perhaps his friend’s, bits and pieces. I was really angry and confused because he was so friendly but also such a prick, pun intended. It took me quite a while to see the funny side.

Your early game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

Carolina at Chicago **
San Diego at Cleveland **
Seattle at Detroit **
Atlanta at Philadelphia ****
Jacksonville at Green Bay *
Miami at New York Jets **
Washington at Pittsburgh ***
New England at St. Louis ***
Indianapolis at Tennessee **

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