Your Week 8 NFL Recap

11.02.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

I’m glad the NFL has 32 teams. I appreciate that second-rate cities like Jacksonville and Indianapolis get to enjoy the pride of having their own professional franchise in America’s game. But there are definite downsides. One is that some of the 32 teams are going teams are going to be really, really bad. A painful waste of fans dollars and hours.

What’s worse is that occasionally, two of these awful teams have to play each other. Fans were treated to one such classic in Week 8, an epic battle of depressing teams representing the depressing urban wastelands of Detroit and St. Louis. With potential rights to the number one draft pick on the line, both teams brought their best D game to the stadium. In a game littered with mental errors and incompletions, Stephen Jackson was the difference in STL’s epic 17-10 victory. Go crazy STL.

Speaking of celebration, our own Jonathan Gotty™ spent the night partying in the streets of CashVegas after a bye-week rejuvenated Titans squad joined the Rammies in picking up their first win. Chris Johnson matched Maurice Jones-Drew’s two 80 yard runs with two long scores of his own and Vince Young guided them to victory or at least managed not to blow the game. The season’s still lost for the Titans but they could become that second-half team that spoils some others’ end-season playoff runs.

Other News and Notes

— After a rough start, the Cowboys are starting to turn things around. Ditching TO and marginalizing Roy Williams appear to have paid dividends for Tony Romo, who’s now tearing shit up with Miles Austin. I can’t decide whether Romo is someone I should root for or just another douchey white guy. Probably both.

— Meanwhile it was a bad day for New York fans on the gridiron. The Jets lost to the rival Fins for the second time in less than a month while the Giants continued their free-fall in the NFC East getting embarrassed by Donovan McNabb and Desean Jackson. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty happy about it. Go Phillies.

— I don’t think I’ve ever met an Arizona fan ever but I’m sure they do exist. And if you are one, I’d be scared. Kurt Warner looked like a beat up old man out there against Carolina and was back to this 2002 mode of throwing awful interceptions.

— Oh yea there was some game where some guy led his team against his former team and it was kind of a big deal right?

— The Dolphins are also looking like a team that could cause trouble in the wild card hunt down the stretch. They probably can’t count on Ted Ginn Jr. to provide their offense every week, but this Sunday at least he made the Jets look foolish.

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