Your Week 9 Late Games Open Thread

11.04.12 5 years ago 833 Comments

People looking at things memes! Together at last! Even if one of them is dead, I think they can be friends.

The Steelers having to travel the day of the game has obscured the SHOWDOWN OF TWO-TIME SUPER BOWL WINNING QUARTERBACKS FROM THE 2004 DRAFT narrative that would have been the default for this game. It was reported that the hotel that the Steelers were initially supposed to stay at in New Jersey has regained its power, but the Steelers opted to travel Sunday anyway so evacuees could use the rooms.

Does that put the Steelers at a competitive disadvantage? Probably not as much as fielding a middling team this season. Pittsburgh had gotten back-to-back 100-yard games out of Jonathan Dwyer, prompting far too many Jerome Bettis comparisons than anyone was comfortable with. That’s over this week. Dwyer is out with a quad injury, forcing Yinzburgh to once again turn to Isaac Redman as its starting running back after Redman had missed a few weeks. If he isn’t effective, the Steelers should just fall back on all the cheating they do that Justin Tuck is publicly whining about.

If you’re in the mood to watch destructive drunk drivers go at each other, this is your lucky day. David Diehl makes his return to the Giants starting lineup at right tackle. Meanwhile, Steelers rookie defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu appeared at practice this week for the first time since his felony vehicular assault spree. They should have a demolition derby at halftime officiated by Donte Stallworth.

Your late game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

Tampa Bay at Oakland *
Minnesota at Seattle ***
Pittsburgh at New York Giants ****

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