Wildcard Saturday Open Thread: Late Game

01.07.12 6 years ago 490 Comments

I was watching the early game when they showed a guy slicing brisket at some famous Houston barbecue spot, and thought to myself, “damn it, I really need to go to Texas.” Then I saw this photo from Cajun Boy, and thought, “f*ck Houston, that city is the worst.” Then I got pretty sad about not being in New Orleans. I could be anywhere in the continental US, and I’d still wish I was in New Orleans on the night of a playoff game.

As for the game itself: points, probably. Lots of them. Six at a time, with balls flying freely through the air. I see Drew Brees is doing his pregame song routine, so that means it’s almost time for Bob Costas to shut his sanctimonious mouth until halftime. Grab your bottle of bourbon (with a glass, if you’re feeling fancy), and settle in for a night of open thread fun.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the promise of live blogs.

Image via Yahoo!

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